Easily add business process monitoring to your application

Always know exactly how your application is functioning - be proactive, not reactive

Red amber green, or RAG for short, has long been a standard mechanism for keeping track of project status. It is a ubiquitous , well understood metaphor to illustrate state. We bring this common measurement into the business process realm – making it easy for you to create a “monitor” for any process in your application.

Create your monitor

Register for a free developer account and use the development portal to create as many monitors as you want. Simply choose a name, short description and you are ready to start.

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Update monitor status

Once a monitor is created there are numerous ways to update the status. We provide a simple API and Laravel Package. You can also use third party "no code" platforms like Zapier

Sharing is knowing...

Share monitors with your team or your application customers. Create branded invite pages and email to users. New users can simply scan QR code in the invite email join.


Our pricing structure is super simple - one plan for developers (creating and updating monitors) and one plan for your user or viewer community to view monitors.



$12 /mo

Developer portal

API Access


White label signups for your users

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Free 30 day trial - no credit card details required


$6 /mo

Dashboard access

Add unlimited monitors shared with you

Mobile app (coming soon...)

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